Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pastel Workshop

I went to a pastel workshop this morning taught by local pastel artist Bill Gramley. I was so excited, not only because of my recent fascination with the medium, but also because I realized this was the same artist of whom I previously purchased 3 mini paintings!

There is another class on March 31st at Fine Art Carolina Gallery in Mebane if anyone is interested.

Bill demonstrated 3 themes: pears,

an autumn tree,

and a seascape.

It was amazing to see the paintings appear so quickly. After each demonstration, we were left to do our own version, either from a photo or our imaginations. Here are my versions...I need to provide better photos once I take them out of the "class provided frames" (except for the seascape, that's my own frame).

The pear... (I don't eat pears, so I struggled with this!)

Autumn tree...I wanted to do a horizontal image, but didn't realize the mat would cut off so much on the top...a new photo to come soon...

Seascape....I'm not worried that the photo is blurry and too reflective for you to figure out the highlights on the clouds are wrong...(did I just say that out loud?). No will be corrected.

The class was very inspirational and made me realize that maybe I can do some landscapes/seascapes, etc...

Stay tuned for an update to the alpine goat...and a new pastel painting of an East African animal. Here's a hint...


José said...

Hi Janae,

You accomplished some really fine works.
From what I see, I would say that you learned how values can be important to achieve a good painting; that shows well enough on your pears.

Best regards,


Janae said...

Thanks José! It was a great class. I just need to remember to "stay loose" and don't blend too much.