Friday, April 18, 2008

Lights on in the Studio!

Need I say more? There are a few more things that need to be done...and then I'll be able to organize, clean, dust, etc.

Just a picture of the outside - the door will change Monday, exchanging it for a glass door to get more northern light into the studio. Landscaping still needs to be done and as you can tell, this was taken the night before trash day!


This is what you see as you open the door. Track lighting for paintings. Cabinets to the left...bookshelves to the right.


As you walk in, look left and you see my desk - for my day job. And yes, that's a panel all for my studio. I'm not sure if you can tell, but there are 3 recessed lights above the desk, 2 double switches above the desk and 2 quad switches below the desk. (Did you notice the light switches? There's a quad switch for the lights (1. fluorescents in center of room; 2. fluorescents above the cabinets and shelving; 3. track lighting; 4. outside lights) and then a separate single switch for the recessed lights. This was originally supposed to be a dimmer, and may change to it later.


Cabinets - just simple ones ready made from Lowes. There's a timer for the vent above (gotta have that for all sorts of art mediums) and a couple double outlets there. Another light switch behind the books for the fluorescents below the wall cabinets. The table is an antique that we need to get rid of in place of a sturdy drafting type table. I need the space for matting and framing.

This is what you see as you look right from the front door. This is the messy area - still working on these finds...something I found on craigslist. I'm painting them white and will have to do something about those cut outs. Notice the fluorescent lights above these units. (Haha, disregard the deflated excercise ball. Not much can be done with 2 small kids. They love it as a toy).


The other 2 units - can you tell which one I've primed already? Just in case you guys ever need to vaccuum sheetrock dust - make sure you don't use the light weight shop vacs! Apparently, sheetrock dust is very heavy and will clog the lighter shop vacs in no time. I had to go out and buy the bigger one. Oh - the cut out in the ceiling is the attic access. There are 2 lights up there. ---

So, that's it for now. My kids painted tonight in the studio - it's a good thing the floor isn't real wood. (And let me tell you that even though you may know they're painting, and there's all colors including red, it's still pretty freaky when you see red paint splatter all over the floor...I couldn't help looking for boo-boos).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Chrysanthemum: November flower, colored pencil

It's been several months since I posted this as a work in progress. I put it down for a while but finally finished it, framed it and put it in the gallery in Mebane.

This Friday night we will be having a Garden Party reception for all of the gallery members. Please feel free to stop by, have some food, wine and enjoy the artwork. Unfortunately, I am out of town until Saturday!