Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alamance Artisans

I've joined an art guild - Alamance Artisans. It's completely different than being a part of a co-op in that this is a group of artists, meeting regularly to share accomplishments, news, and anything else relating to art. A few times a year there is a festival or show specific to the guild, but other than that, there are no hours to work in a gallery...well...because there is none!

Their studio tour was in October, and while I decided not to sign up this year, I volunteered to take pictures of half the tour. This made me go out and enjoy the beautiful studios, taking pictures along the way. Quite a few artists that were apart of Art and Soul with me participated in the tour, so it was good to talk to them as well.

There are a few other events coming up that I will be apart of, one of which I will share in a day or so!